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LÍR 16/10


Archiv für Ton und Nichtton. Två musikaliska motsatser visar denna afton på Raster-Notons bredd som musikalisk och konstnärlig plattform. Med sin långsamma variant på dubstep var albumaktuella Senking en av höjdpunkterna på årets Transmedialfestival. Med spröda melodier, subbasar och ekon ställs en mer organisk klingande ljudbild mot SNDs konceptuella och digitala ultraminimalism. Bas ställs mot diskant och komposition ställs mot improvisation när två av Raster-Notons intressantaste akter gästar Inkonst.

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Datum: 16/10 Tid: 22.00 Rum: Klubben Entré: 120:-

SND bio:
Snd was formed in Sheffield, UK, in 1998 by Mark Fell and Mat Steel. Fell and Steel knew each other from art school and had already worked on various projects together when, inspired by highly focussed label runs such as Mike Ink's Studio One or Thomas Brinkmann's Max/Ernst, and influenced equally by house, techno, and experimental music, they decided to produce and release a series of 12" records on their own eponymously titled label. Uncertain if anyone would ever buy it, the first unassuming 12"  Tplay was produced, packaged in a plain sleeve with no information other than a hand stamped telephone number, and sent out into the world. Almost immediately they were contacted via the aforementioned telephone number by the influential but now de-funct Mille Plateaux, whose owner Achim Szepanski heard Peter Ford playing the record while djing in Germany. Thus began a period which saw three critically acclaimed albums for Mille Plateaux alongside the continuing series on their own label put snd at the forefront of new digital minimalism, pioneering a sound that always influenced but also resisted the so called clicks and cuts-movement that built up around them. After their third album Tender Love for Mille Plateaux in 2002, snd became disillusioned with the recording treadmill and proliferation of the genre they seemed to inhabit, and turned to other projects; solo work, curating events and installations, the occasional contribution to compilations, an album for Raster Noton from side project 'Blir', remix work for the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto, and sound design for fellow Sheffielders The Designers Republic. During this time they also honed their impressive live performance through extensive touring of Japan, America, and Europe (most notably with Autechre), and one off shows at major festivals and venues around the world. Experiencing an snd performance can be alienating, engaging, dynamic, and unforgiving; each event a unique exploration of the relationship between performer, audience, software and context. After essentially a 5 year recording hiatus, snd returned in 2008 where they left off/started: with their original and preferred format of 12" vinyl, minimally packaged on their own label. The release 4,5,6 conceived of and recorded as a continuation of their label series and intended for release as three individual 12" records was delivered with typical obstinance, control, awareness, and/or disregard for standardised marketing, distribution, and profit-making models, eventually packaged as a triple vinyl set and limited to 350 copies worldwide. This uncompromising and hard to categorize release sold out virtually overnight and was instantly added to many charts for the best of 2008. Snd continued an active year with another European tour supporting Autechre, a reworking of Billie Jean for the 'Recovery' box set on Fractured Records, a major feature in the Wire magazine, a tour of Japan with Raster Noton, and the recording of their fourth album as snd Atavism, released March 2009, also on Raster Noton.    

Senking bio:
Born 1969 in Cologne
1995: Starts with electronic music
Before this, bass player in punk and indie rock bands.
1996: First Release on the Cologne label, Karaoke Kalk, as "Kandis" ( which was also the first release for this label).
1997:  New projects, Senking, and  band "Genf" (Guitar, Bass, Drums and Sample/Sythesizer)
1999: First contact with Raster-Noton.
First  release on this label was the sixt (June) cd of the "Twenty to Twothousand" series.
2000: New project called "Fumble".
Nower days  beside „Senking“ there is the project „Poto&Cabengo“ ( together with Michael Cramm).
Compositions  for  Schauspielhaus Hannover, Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin and INTEATA Cologne.

1. Kandis 1, Vinyl, Karaoke Kalk
2. Kandis 2, Vinyl, Karaoke Kalk
3. Kandis Dilldop, Vinyl, Karaoke Kalk
4. Kandis 1996-1999, CD, Karaoke Kalk
5. Kandis Airflow, CD/Vinyl, Karaoke Kalk
6. Kandis Jumpstart CD/ Karaoke Kalk
7. Motel EP, Vinyl ,Karaoke Kalk
8. Senking, CD/Vinyl, Karaoke Kalk
9. Senking Ping/Thaw, CD/Vinyl, Karaoke Kalk
10. Senking Silencer, CD, Karaoke Kalk
11. Senking 20 to 2000, CD, Raster/Noton
12. Senking Trial, CD, Raster/Noton
13. Senking Forge, CD, Raster/Noton
14 .Senking Tap, CD, Raster/Noton
15. Senking List, CD Raster/Noton
16. Senking Pong
17. Fumble, CD/ Vinyl  Karaoke Kalk
18. Fumble Melo, Vinyl, Karaoke Kalk
19. Genf Import/Export CD, Compost
20. Genf Remixes, Vinyl, Compost
21. Genf Rohgenf, Vinyl, Finnlayson
22. Visor, CD, Tom
23. Poto & Cabengo, CD/Vinyl Karaoke Kalk

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